My Writing:

This technology course has truly openend my eyes to the pros of technology, whether it is used at home, at work, or in the classroom. My blog, simply titled EDU 106, discusses many of the things we have learned over the course of this semester. I have chosen a few of them to highlight below, but please feel free to visit my actual blog page for additional info.

1. Life Changing New Literacies

Abstract: This blog introduces technology and its use in the classroom as New Literacies, connecting its use to the Common Core and improved student performance. These connections create a complelling argument in favor of incorporating technology into various aspects of our lesson plans.

2. All About Choice

Abstract: Choice can have a strong influence on student success. Giving student's limited choices has the power to interest and engage them in the lesson, giving them a sense of control and purpose. This idea of choice easily transfers into technology in a variety of ways. This blog focuses on the use of Personal Learning Networks to provide students with choices in how they learn and who they learn from/interact with.

3. Multimodality and Education

Abstract: Once technology becomes an option for learning, students must be given the tools which can help them decide how to use it to best display their knowledge. Students are used to presenting their work in written format. They don't automatically know how to take these words and combine them with images, videos, links, etc to present them in a coherent format that facilitates comprehension of the audience. This blog talks about how we can scaffold this learning for students.