Shawnee Scaniffe

Shawnee Scaniffe

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          Aspiring Teacher

I'm Ambrosia Shawnee Scaniffe, but I go by Shawnee. Long story short: My mom named me Ambrosia, my dad named me Shawnee. They fought about what name they would call me. My dad won.

I was born in Wichita, KS. We moved to Kentucky when I was about 6, played in the cornfields there until I was about 9, then we ended up here in CT where all our family is.

Now, I am a student at Southern Connecticut State University, in my last year. After this semester, I only have student teaching left! I am also a single mother of two beautiful children - a 12 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. They are really looking forward to my graduation! It has been a long road, to say the least.

Currently, I am taking a new literacies class here at Southern. I am keeping a personal blog about my experiences in the class, as well as my life experiences related to technology.

I am hoping that what I learn in this class will benefit me in my future teaching career. I am interested in teaching first grade, and - as you are probably aware - kids have a short attention span at that age. Technology can make the classroom and learning materials infinitely more interesting and engaging.

So here's to first grade and technology!

~ Shawnee